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Hello everyone, who is looking over this project . I'm am pleased that you have paid attention and decided to review and evaluate it . It's really very important for me . I want to show you my last work . The project was immediately approved by the customer . I was like the customer because in this project I want to show what I can and really like, that's why decided to change everything from style to design . I took an apartment - 48 sq. m . And wanted to create an interior for a free person . Free from stereotypes , prejudice and unnecessary things . The person who is active , loves travel and spend time with friends at home . That's why the apartment space is as opened as it's possible . Folding sofa allows to save space . The interior shouldn't become the dream for the average family which consists of two adults and two children . It's a "den" - lodging for someone who is looking for. I'll be glad to hear constructive criticism and positive comments !